Microwave Repairs Johannesburg

We do all makes and models of Microwave repairs
Things you should do before calling Microwave Repairs Johannesburg :

  1. Check that the plug is in the wall socket and that its switched on
  2. Unplug the Microwave for 5 min then try it again
  3. Unplug the microwave and test the wall socket with another appliance like a kettle
  4. Unplug the Microwave and check the plug and cable for damages or burns (See images)
  5. DO NOT open a Microwave it is one of the most dangerous appliances there are and it can kill you. Even when its unplugged.

We also Repair:

Fridges, TV’s, Washing Machines, Stoves, Sound Systems and industrial Appliances with in a 100 km radius around Johannesburg.

Above all our workmanship is Guaranteed and most importantly keeping our clients happy is our main goal.